This site has been around since the late 1990s, in various states of disrepair, as the owner has rarely focused upon good web design. It spent a couple of years completely dead, with the domain only used for email. For a while now, some of the old content has been back, while the front-page still just said "foo". Some of that has now been fixed. A very little.
This page also historically had a link to the user-pages of folks who wanted content exported. Most of those people now have their own systems, or alternative shared hosting which is backed by actual SLAs. The only one left hosts in a different domain. See: Phil Pennock's homepage.

On the name

Software: globnix

Martin Nietzel liked the name and the origins and politely checked that I would be okay with his reusing it for a piece of software. I'm happy with that, it's a decent tool for providing some sample filenames to help you stress-test that your software can deal with arbitrary file-names without issues. See Martin's software page for details.


The name GlobNIX is a pun. Not a very good pun. Some people got it. Usually technical Unix people. A “glob” is a kind of wildcard expansion, as performed by command-shells on various Unix-like systems. Which used to be known as *NIX to capture the wide variety, back when there was a wide variety of relevant systems.
The domain was created before I became involved enough in Networking to become aware of “Globix” and for a while I was apprehensive that I might be accused of typo-squatting, so played down my usage of the domain somewhat. More fool me: I've outlasted them all. (fx: evil cackling).